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Gong Xi Fa Cai readersRead More

The Lunar New Year starts on the first new moon of each calendar year. Legend holds that Chinese New Year began with a battle against

NST Article A conversation like none otherRead More

From my transcript, you can see that coaching isn’t a nice chat one has with a friend over a cold beer. Coaching is a professional conversation that supports

NST Article Beam me up ScottyRead More

It’s begun to rain and I’ve left the windows open. I want to feel the cool breeze blowing. As droplets of rain beat in on my bare skin I feel like a child

NST Article Communicating with PowerRead More

The way a coach asks questions enables the client to look at things in new ways. Very soon the client begins to report that more options are

NST Article Consulting my better halfRead More

As I headed to the gym this morning I wondered who would be there. Working out 3 times a week has been my routine now for the past few years.

NST Article First Wives ClubRead More

Would I fly an airline with a female pilot in the cockpit, someone asked me. I’m an advocate for women but I admit the question made me think.

NST Article Flavor of FeedbackRead More

As I contemplate my role as a leader I reflect on the responses I’ve received over the years. I’ve often used my personal experience

NST article Is happily ever after some flimsy romantic fantasyRead More

Does love last forever? I suppose that would be measured by if you and I lived forever, wouldn’t it? So that’s not really what I’m asking then.

NST Article It takes a tragedyRead More

It could’ve been me. It could’ve been someone I love. Day 6: I’m still in shock and the news coverage doesn’t make things clearer.

NST Article Life. Precious LifeRead More

Two sets of stories: The first, where two famous and troubled women suddenly lose their lives. The second set shows what happens when we get careless

NST Article Take a leap of FaithRead More

I want you to know it’s over between us. We had a crazy ride last year but I’ve found someone new. I’m getting back together with Faith.

NST Article Truth about LoveRead More

Self – actualization is programmed within our spirit; there isn’t a sliver of a doubt! Just like an acorn cannot help but grow into an oak tree,

NST Article Wherever you go there you areRead More

“I’ve been thinking about leaving this relationship because I’ve not been happy. As I think about leaving, I realize that when I go,

NST Article Wild Wonderful LoveRead More

What’s your definition of love? When you’re in love, what does the world look like? Is there anything that feels better than love? What does this “love”

NST Article Women on TopRead More

March 8 was International Women’s Day. Every year I’m asked to speak at events that honour women and each year I grow more and more dispirited

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