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Get A Life Q&A Nov 17 2013Read More

I am a coward. I need help. I freak out whenever people ask me for a CV or invite me to connect on LinkedIn. Having to put my accomplishments or the lack

Get a Life Q&A Oct 20 2013Read More

My son’s exams are coming. The other day he asked, “Mum what did you do that got you through university?” My mind drew a blank because

NST Article Relationship to the truthRead More

It may seem as if others can add to, or take from, what we have and who we are. Yet at the end of every day,

Get A Life Q&A Nov10 2013Read More

I’m a shy guy and cannot get a girlfriend. I see many girls I like but I don’t know how to approach them. I’m scared.

Get A Life Q&A Oct 13 2013Read More

I love my husband and my 6 children. I’ve given my youth and my best years to raising my family. I’ve put up

Get A Life Q&A Oct 27 2013Read More

I cannot control anything. I realize this. All my life I’ve done my best and still things don’t go my way.

Get A Life Q&A Oct 6 2013Read More

My partner displays extreme emotional mood swings – one moment he is calm and loving, the next he is irritable and stressed.

Get A Life Q&A Sept 1 2013Read More

What do you do with a guy on your team who insists on being the odd one out? He simply refuses all my invitations to

Get A Life Q&A Sept 15 2013Read More

Yesterday the deal that I had worked so hard to put together, fell through. My company presented our proposal

Get a Life Q&A Sept 29 2013Read More

I’m broke very often in my life. I just can’t hold on to my money. I think I’m generous and want to take care of everyone.

Get A Life Q&A Sept 8 2013Read More

How much mistake – making can be tolerated? You say self – actualizing companies are more encouraging and

Get a Life Q&A Sept22 2013Read More

I’ve had several ugly experiences because I just don’t know how to end my relationships. I know it’s over between those

NST Article Designed from the FutureRead More

My friend who’s a stage performer said, “Actors must be so good at dealing with rejection. We audition for parts that

NST Article Getting You to 100Read More

Tom came, wondering why his love relationships seldom satisfied. “I seem to attract the wrong type of girls,” he said.

NST Article Ms Fix-It All Flies HigherRead More

Last week it felt as if boulders had crashed into my home. My house was in disarray with debris scattered everywhere.

NST Article Presence for peak performanceRead More

As you’re reading this, dozens of thoughts and images will probably flash through your mind. “What if I don’t finish my work

NST Article SImply Magic!Read More

My best brains got me here! I’ve created everything I have in my life – my relationships, my health, wealth… my world.

NST Article Success is about rising above selfRead More

Have you ever stayed up late tossing and turning, not being able to sleep because your mind kept churning over all the

NST Article Surprised by JoyRead More

Statistics reveal that a regular person inhales – exhales approximately 21 600 times per day, holding our breath an

NST Article Take you to your FreedomRead More

Another child abduction last week and the earlier shooting incidents, worry me. After my experience where armed robbers

NST ARticle Take you to your Freedom_1Read More

“Men aren’t comfortable around confident women, they are intimidated by women who are self – assured,” my friends say.

NST Article The Brighter Side of Human NatureRead More

“Ah your theories. They don’t work in real life. In real life we deal with real people, real problems.”

Purpose on the planetRead More

Transformation is a shift in perception. It’s being able to see something through new eyes. Sometimes you know the shift is coming and you prepare;…

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