I plucked up enough courage to ask for his help and he slammed me. Just because he was in a position to gloat, he did. I felt so miserable. I misjudged him. I thought he would be kinder. When I walked away from there my knees felt weak. How will I live this down?”

Your Answer

Some people when you are down they make you feel small and insignificant. Some people when you are low they raise you up, they make you feel light and easy. But that’s about them. This is about you. You wanted something and you went out and did whatever it took. You were in control of that choice. Unfortunately we are not always in control of the consequences of our choices, especially when they involve other people.

We are in control of our thoughts and feelings – so we can choose other than misery. You misjudged him — okay. We can’t really know people and perhaps he was just having a bad day. We make mistakes all the time – that doesn’t make us bad or silly, just human. But when we set expectations… that’s when we get disappointed.

So you attempted one option and it didn’t work, now what’s Plan B? I think that’s where all your energy should be directed, don’t you? State again clearly: What I want, what I really, really want, is_____________. The best way for me to get that is________________. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t. Stay positive, be grateful for all the things you have, why waste time whining over what you don’t have. You’ve already proved you can do without all that.


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