I watched a woman jogging the other day and my eyes followed her every movement. For a moment I was scared that my impulses would take over and I would lose control. Please tell me if my feelings are bad.”

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For a moment your instincts took over! Took over from what? Took over from your conscious mind. For a moment you lost consciousness; that is, you forgot you had power – power of choice – to know what was in front of you and your choices about what to do about that. I call it hypnosis. Awareness blurs. It can also happen when we are eating or watching TV. The “outside” blurs into oblivion, insignificance.

Some people believe sex starts the moment we look. Some believe we have no control, no power, no choice, no consciousness. However life is not about powerlessness. It’s about experiencing, exploring, and appreciating beauty for what it is. And we can, you know, stay right there and enjoy the moment without “losing control.” Ask yourself, “Hmmm… what’s going on here? I see a pretty lady jogging. I enjoy the female form.”

We need not deny anything. Wouldn’t that be unnatural? Repressing (blocking something by force)… denying automatically intensifies the curiosity, the wanting. No feelings are bad; they are just momentary indicators of how one should think.

The key is to keep one’s awareness. (Humans can, because we have higher purpose). The trick is not to project into the future, and not to want anything more from that. I’m talking about self – sufficiency. I’m talking about “staying awake” to your impulses and deciding the best thing for yourself about that.


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