I’ve just retired from diplomacy and have started my own business as a consultant. How can I ensure a steady stream of clients? What’s the best way of overcoming the stress of not knowing what happens the next month and the next in terms of income?”

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Welcome to the world of business! My experience of it is money is given in exchange for value or an experience, not for any old “thing.” The best way of ensuring non – stop clients is to keep delivering value. The question then becomes, “What does my business mean to people in a way that they feel they are receiving unbeatable value? Can this value be tangible to them, so much so that they could communicate these values to other people?”

“Tessie helps me think in ways that enable me to come closer to — designing solutions/making decisions/getting clear about what the problem really is. I feel a higher level of self–awareness and self–control.”

“Working with Tessie, I’ve developed a sense of self–value, self–confidence, self–leadership, and self–mastery. This enables me to step away from self–sabotaging habits and participate in things that take me from good to great.”

Consulting means leading. So it’s important to be a great problem–definer first and then a problem–solver. This means you are a super sleuth and the initiator of possibility thinking! And when you are that, the benefits will outweigh the stress because your passion alone with keep you engaged.


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