Get a Life Q&A Feb 23 2014

I’m an unemployed woman, aged 40, living with my parents still. Have you any advice for me because I find I’m constantly ordered about. I have no time to develop relationships with anyone. My friends have suggested that I move out but I don’t have a steady income, and am frightened to become independent.

So what you want is:
a. To move out and live away from your parents
b. To find love and friendship
c. To become independent financially
d. All of the above
e. None of the above. I want __________________.

What’s most important to you right now is _________________________________________________________.

Given all that you realize, what have you decided to do? If so, what will help you get what you want? Do you have the necessary skills to get you what you want? Can you get the support you need?

What did you believe that made you allow your parents to treat you that way for that long? Has your belief supported your best life? No? What do you choose to believe now instead?

If you could change the way your parents treat you, what would you do? If you can’t change them, how can you change your attitude to what’s happening to you? How can you make life more pleasant at home for yourself?

If I said to you, we are responsible for all our experiences, how would you respond? If I said, we create our reality, what would you say? If you want a different experience what options are open to you? How could you create further options that support what you want for yourself and your family?

I joined this company two years ago because I believed that the work could change lives. The company is not profitable and the stakeholders have withdrawn their financial support, meaning I now work for no money. I have two children and I’m finding it hard to manage. What can I do to revive this business?

You’ve asked a “business” question. So my response would be, “Get an investor,” or, “Put a team together made up of people who are interested to help you and will do whatever it takes to revive the business.” Is that what you really want to know? Is that the most important thing to you right now? If so, what’s more important than that?

You want to change lives – that’s admirable. You now work for no money – how practical is that? It seems like you’re saying you’re carrying the burden as well. How long is this sustainable? How could this possibly affect your wellbeing and that of your family?

When you say, “hard to manage,” what do you mean exactly? What needs to happen for you to come back to a place of stability and comfort, knowing that all is well? Have you spoken to your spouse about this? What are his/her views? What are your options?

If your angels waved their magic wand and everything turned out the way it should, how would things look like? If you had your own life to change, how would you go about doing it?

I believe challenges happen to make us aware of lessons we must learn. Just like an illness allows us to focus on something that’s not right in our system that needs correcting, if this situation carried with it some wisdom, what would your learning be? What needs to heal?


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