Get a Life Q&A Jan26 2014

How do you tell someone that you disagree with some of their principles? My friend is engaged in some behavior that I don’t approve of; that I believe isn’t very ethical. If I confront, I’m afraid I might lose a friend.

How close are you? If you’re talking about a mere acquaintance, what business of yours is it anyway? Next thing is what do you want to achieve with this? How important is aligning your principles with theirs? So what if you’re on the same page? Would that bring you closer or not really?

How important is it that this friend agrees with you and conforms to your beliefs? Look at your other relationships as well. See if you realize anything about yourself about your question.

What would happen (to you) if you didn’t confront? Would this bother you so much that you might lose a friend either way?

What do you believe are the cornerstones of friendship? If you value integrity, communication, and trust, how would you approach this? Some people can agree to disagree. For some people, friendship can be unconditional. Think where and with whom this might apply for you.

Have you considered this other person’s point of view? Could there be something you don’t know that is coloring your perspective? Look deeper. What if there was some explanation for your friend’s behavior, that if you knew, would simply change your views?

Instead of “confronting,” what if you practiced caring communication?

My girlfriend keeps getting herself in the same situation with guys. It’s like history repeating itself and she seems unable to snap out of her habits. She targets wealthy men and she ends up getting abused – verbally, emotionally, and sometimes physically as well. How do I support her? We end up yelling at each other when we discuss this.

How much do you love this girlfriend? More important question: How much do you think she loves herself? Her behavior is about her, not about the men she chooses to be with. As long as she remains stuck in her ways, she is going to attract those types of men who will use her and abuse her – wealthy or not.

When girls ritually seek out rich men, what are they communicating? One bad experience after another, and they’re still pursuing that same old game, what does that mean? My guess is, they’re saying, “Save me.” They could be saying, “I’m not enough, complete me.” Ultimately how I see it, is these women set themselves up to be possessions tradable with money and other assets. What price material comfort?

What does your friend really, really, want? What needs of hers go unmet, that she should tolerate loss of dignity and self – respect? What is she blinded by, that prevents her from seeing, feeling, being… a whole woman? Beneath her behavior, what is the fear about?

Look above and beyond the surface. If she were to wake up, who would she be? In her essence, what does her spirit look like? When she remembers that she is a goddess, she will stop behaving like a slave. When she reconnects with her essence, her truth, and her power, she will begin to sparkle and glow like a diamond. She won’t be doing anymore chasing – mark my words.

This is the ultimate lesson: Life and love begin when we come back to Self.


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