Get a Life Q&A Mar 23 2014

I want to attract love into my life. I want love to include commitment, romance, and adventure. I want open communication and trust. So far all the men I’ve been with haven’t been truthful. I’m tired of feeling used and left high and dry.

You cannot find the solution to any problem when the problem is the most active vibration within you. This means, whatever we focus on becomes greater; whatever we give attention to, expands.

If you expect men to be a certain way, guess what? That’s what you’ll experience about them. Our experience with people is about what we evoke… or induce from them.

Decide now how you want to feel. Love must feel good or it isn’t love. That’s just how I see it! The long and short of it is, drop whatever hasn’t worked and pay full attention to what’s working. Focus on what you want. You want love and that means commitment, romance, adventure, communication, and trust. Are you capable of these? Look into your life. Where and with whom do you enjoy these values?

Are you capable of creating these in your life? The key is to consistently demonstrate this everywhere. BE the romantic, adventurous, trusting, committed person you want to attract. Do it so well that everyone will associate you with these traits.

Do it so well that it becomes you. The Law of Attraction says: Like attracts like. As you look for things you appreciate in others (and yourself), as you see the positives in your past and present relationships, your perfect relationship will show up.

My best friend is in trouble. I say trouble because he’s in debt. He has over – extended himself on leverage and loans, and has been asking me for handouts. I’ve bailed him out a few times but he hasn’t got a handle on his finances. How do I make him see he needs to stop and change?

Your friend needs coaching. At the most primary level, there must be change in behavior. Stop doing what obviously doesn’t work. Recoup, recover, and restart. Or the consequences will keep escalating.

Next step is to work on his beliefs. What thoughts must he change so that the experiences he’s been having will improve? What does he believe now that is keeping him stuck? The symptoms are more borrowing, more debt, what is the cause, the root of the problem?

There’s a certain way your best friend sees himself; perhaps he over – estimated his resources or his friendships. Good thing he has you, who cares enough to want to snap him out of his delusion. Whatever it is, it’s good for him to up his financial skills and begin to have a different type of relationship with his money.

Self – awareness is so important in everything. We create our experience; no one else is to blame. Unless we take full responsibility for our condition and make the choices that bring us the change we want, no matter how uncomfortable that makes us, happiness and fulfillment will elude us.

Get support. Go to someone without judgment, no prejudices, someone who wants the best outcome for your friend, who’ll be willing to go the distance until things improve, or for as long as it takes to get things back on track. That’ll be a coach.


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