I was recently laid off due to a misunderstanding with the management. I have an interview for a new job coming up soon but I’m afraid what happened recently will affect my credibility. How can I go and do well without what happened at my last job clouding chances of my success?”

Your Answer

In what ways do you think it will… cloud chances of your success? How exactly would the fact that you lost your last job affect your securing this new one? If you know, it could actually help you prepare to overcome that resistance.

What’s usually the case is, the person interviewing you wants to like you. They are eager to find the right person to fill the role. What they want is to make the best decision. So present yourself well. Be honest about your past. That’s all you can do really, and if you’re right for the job, you’ll have a good chance of getting it. However if you fib and they find out, it’ll reflect badly on you. If you fib it’ll come back to haunt you, no matter how competent you are.

To do well, highlight specific strengths you can bring to the organization in terms of measurable outcomes. Specificity is persuasive especially if you can back the numbers – the number of times, the percentage of increase, the place from the top etc.

Another tip is to have a present employee of the company that’s interviewing vouch for you and your credentials. This recommendation by an insider could strengthen your position especially if they are in a position of influence.


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