I don’t seem to keep my resolutions although I start off well. What would keep me on track and how would I know if I want the right thing anyway?”

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Neither do I. I struggle same as you! What helps me though, is to keep reminding myself of the ideals I hold of myself, the picture I have of myself in my mind’s eye. Who am I? What type of person am I? How would I like to be remembered?

Do I see myself as the kind of girl who gives up on a whim and pursues flights of fancy — or am I a person who builds life on solid ground, the type who wants to be and WILL be effective, productive, and most of all happy and at ease that her effort has been her best? I prefer the latter.

How will you know if it’s right? Here are some clues: You’ll start looking forward to your days. You’ll make detailed plans about how to do better. You begin to research your interests. You’ll learn quickly as if it’s all second nature to you. You like to talk about what you do. You feel invigorated even after a long day. You feel like what you’re doing is meaningful to society and that you’re contributing to something larger than yourself. When things go south, you notice your resilience. You bounce back quickly from setbacks, brush off, and carry on!


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