I have a dual reporting system, one local and one to France. I spare no effort in managing both roles but my local boss isn’t happy because the local office pays my salary and yet I’m not fully under his control; and also because I have direct access to top management in Paris. The problem is he has passed me over for promotion. How do I handle both structures in order to gain maximum benefit?”

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I know what you said, but what exactly is the problem? Are you most concerned because your local boss is refusing to promote you even though you deserve it?(How do you know you deserve it?) Is it that your work, the way it’s structured, isn’t giving you recognition?(What kind of recognition would please you?) Is your loyalty split because you have two bosses? Are you finding it difficult to multi – task?(Is it showing?) It’s good if you could define the problem more specifically, after all, for the most part, you seem happy with the company.

Define maximum benefit. What would you need to see, hear, and feel to let you know you have this? And when you say, “handle both structures” do you mean your two superiors or the actual work? In other words, is yours a problem about people and relationships, or managing the evaluation process around the work itself?

Put yourself in your boss’ shoes. If you were he, seeing out of his eyes, hearing what he hears, feeling what he feels, what kind of assurance would you want, so that promoting you would come naturally and easily? Are you confident that you are all that? And if the answer is “yes,” perhaps you might go up to him, knowing him well enough to feel that you could be direct enough to ask, “what could I do that in your mind, you might support my career here so that I could perform well enough to secure a promotion?”


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