I’m ambitious, honest, and hardworking. I used to have a decent job but decided to quit because I believed that I’d do better on my own. My business isn’t succeeding. I’m so tired of trying that now I’m depressed. I’m tempted to give up but my heart tells me, that is not the way to go. Can you help me?”

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Today you will celebrate the fact that you took courage and ventured where your heart led. Your values of honesty, determination, and wanting to be better have brought you a new understanding about yourself. Everything about this learning is good. Unless you give up, there is no failure. The feedback your environment is giving you now, is: Adjust for success.

How can I help? The best way is to help you see from a different perspective. This new way of seeing will produce a different feeling and change the state you’re in – which is depressed and wanting to give up. So let’s look at the situation cleanly — minus the emotion.

Questions: Are you only as good as your business? Do you derive your self – esteem from its success? What if I said that your value is unconditional, that you are worthwhile no matter what? As for self – confidence, look at the courage it took for you to quit your job and start out on your own. You have much more courage and confidence in you yet. You can do anything you set your mind to. Believe it!

If things aren’t working, check your control panels, reinvent, adjust, and change direction. Isn’t it funny that we often force our own way when the universe is right there helping us chart our course?


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