Its People: A Nation’s Most Valuable Resource

The Importance of Human Resource & Strategic Talent Development

New Expectations, New Equality, New Standards exist with the New Economy.
Today’s business environment is a highly challenging one where business and technology have evolved into one same system.

Many companies are downsizing and concentrating on hiring specialists because the current globalized economy calls for a mindset that continuously acquires and upgrades their skills that are applicable across borders. In other words, talent must now be versatile thinkers and doers.

What are some of the problems that exist in today’s uncertain
corporate world?

  • Threat in employment for members of the workforce who are 45 years old and over (middle to senior level management employees). They are being coerced into an early retirement and are over – qualified to be re-hired at other corporations. While they have great expertise in their given field, they have no outlet to practice their trade or earn money. They are usually left with no health coverage and often times slip into a depression related to their unemployment.

  • Educated professionals who are not having good success finding work, who have particular skills, but need to adapt their skills to be relevant to the current global economic environment.

  • Skilled and well-educated employees who are unhappy with their jobs/careers.

  • Women now form a large block of any country’s talent market. They represent a formidable potential for the economic development of any developing nation. With education levels having risen in recent decades, now those who have raised kids that are in school have the time to work part time or full time.


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