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Have psychologists cracked the code on men? Do you know what drives them? I know my question must be on every woman’s mind and that you’ve probably answered this ten times but please respond. I’m at wits end..

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I’m in love with this man. Only thing is he’s married. I know I can never be with him although I know he feels for me too. It’s sad that he belongs to someone else, because I know he’s the right one for me….

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I’m 28 and I want to understand my father’s influence on me. There are things I feel guilty about because my dad and I aren’t as close as I would like. At the same time there are things I don’t agree with and to comply would be…

YQA August 09 #31-2Read More

This October we’ll be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. I’m getting worried. How am I going to continue living with my husband’s bad habits? He’s so untidy. He snores terribly. He doesn’t listen to me anymore. I feel like exploding….

YQA August 09 #31-1Read More

People talk as if success breeds happiness. How come Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and all these rock stars die miserable and lonely even though they were successful?

YQA August 09 #30-2Read More

How to develop my talent? If talent is inborn and everyone has it in different ways, then developing our talent is a contradiction, isn’t it? We either can sing or cannot. Talent is natural. It’s skill that we have to learn….

YQA August 09 #30-1Read More

Why do men think being faithful is like making a sacrifice? They put it down to being normal – to want sex (and have it too) with different partners (as many as possible) What about them taking equal responsibility for sexual satisfaction in a relationship?…

YQA July 09 #28-02Read More

Is anger wrong? Sometimes I can’t help it. I caught my husband cheating (again) so believe me – I know anger. Last week I found out that my senior staff had been lying to me, and passing confidential information out. After my outbursts I feel bad. As if I’m the guilty party….

YQA July 09 #28-01Read More

Just as I’m about to give up on my guy, he calls… out of the blue. And I run to him. Then I invite him over but he’s never available, and just as I’m forgetting him he texts me. What’s his game?…

YQA July 09 #29-02Read More

How do I help my teenager develop self-confidence? Compared to his classmates he is so quiet and withdrawn. It’s not that he’s not smart. Just introvert. Maybe it’s my lack of parenting skills….

YQA July 09 #29-01Read More

You say going with the flow is like full concentration? You say it doesn’t mean taking the easy way out and the feeling of being in flow is like being alert. They seem opposites. Can you please explain?…

YQA June 09 # 25-02Read More

I’ve been dating this really nice guy and all is going well. Then I met this man at a weekend conference who swept me off my feet. Only thing is he’s married. I can’t decide what to do now…

YQA June 09 # 25-01Read More

Last week my husband of 5 years told me our marriage was ended. He said he had wanted this for a while, he was restless and unfulfilled and wanted to find himself. He said it was about him and not about me…

YQA June 09 #24-02Read More

Your articles have raised several interesting questions for me – it’s not been a comfortable process, this constant self-examination. I ask myself how much I really want to know and if going through life with rose-colored specs suits me better. Being responsible for my own life is where the conscience pricks most…

YQA June 09 #24-01Read More

I’m 32, and suffering from depression. I feel low. I have no energy. I’m unmotivated. I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist for many years, I’m on medications, but improvement is slow…

YQA June 09 #23-02Read More

I was at a meeting and I kept being distracted by one of the managers from the other company who was constantly rubbing the back of his neck. I’m still figuring out what this means…

YQA June 09 # 23-01Read More

I’m almost 30, good job, good husband, good friends. Every time I go home to mother is when I feel like I haven’t got anything. I can’t seem to please her. She picks on me, makes me feel like an underachiever. Dad passed some years now so she’s become worse. Why do I keep trying to gain mum’s approval?…

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