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My wife is obsessed with the idea that I’m having an affair with one of my clients. So much so that my work for this lady has suffered and our communication is strained because I’m so conscious of my wife’s suspicions……

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Do men have a type? You know… “Some like it hot, some like it cold?” Or is this a myth? I’ve been trying to snare this guy but he’s not taking any notice of me. Then somebody said, “Maybe he’s an ass man.”…

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I’m working to get my husband to live more in the moment. He’s often “absent.” His mind is preoccupied with all kinds of things and I feel he shuts me out. He shuts me up, saying I wouldn’t understand. His presence changes the whole dynamic in the room; when he’s agitated the whole space is tense, when he’s pensive and withdrawn, the room feels heavy….

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My sister is 45 years old. She’s had several men interested in her, and she wants to settle down but none of those relationships worked out. Personally, I didn’t think those guys were marriage material but the break-ups have made her cautious. I want her to be happy…

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I haven’t visited my father in a month. I usually go every week and I’m sure by now he’s wondering what the problem is. I feel exposed and vulnerable each time I visit, because every time dad wants to talk about the “good old days.” He loves to re-tell tales of pranks I pulled when I was…

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My 17-year old son is stubborn. He’s rude to us in front of other people. He is often out late and I worry because I never know where he is. Often, I open his room in the middle of the night and he’s not in bed. When I call his cell phone, it goes to answering machine. His father has tried all kinds of disciplinary tactics but the situation at home keeps getting more and more tense….

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My wife is no longer attracted to me. She says everything she once found attractive about me, now she just can’t stand. Fact is I was unfaithful to her. I still love her but I’m not sure our marriage is strong enough to make it…

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I’m outraged that in this day and age, a young woman in this country could be whipped for having a beer. In the end we are all powerless. We live at the mercy of the administration.

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I practice taking the middle path. There should be no expectation because if we want to control all the time, we will get hurt and disappointed when things don’t turn out our way. This is the cause of unhappiness. So I’d rather stay detached. Take everything in moderation….

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You come across as a strong woman. What does one need to do to be strong? How can I go from being timid to strong?

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I was with a man for 3 years. I loved him completely but recently he said to me, “I’m moving on.” Just like that he left. I had given him my savings because he said he wanted to make an investment guess I’ll never see that money again. How do I get over this?…

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I’m constantly in a state of stress and overwhelm. Work is just too much long hours, ceaseless challenges. It’s like a Ferris wheel and I want to get off but my bosses need me and I need the money….

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I used to enjoy my work but now there’s just too much of it that I can’t do my best and so I feel I’m letting myself down. I know I’m capable of better results but to keep up with expectations I just do what I can to get by. Because of this, my passion is gone and I’m just going through the motions each day to keep my paycheck. How do I get back to inner peace?…

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Why do women give up so much when married? My divorce just came through and I am struggling to find myself again. It seems everything I did and thought was about my ex and the children. I didn’t consider myself last. I didn’t consider myself at all!…

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I’m over 50 and I’m going through my divorce. I’m scared to death that I won’t be able to manage my money. I’ve always depended on my husband and now for the first time, I have to decide things on my own. What can you tell me that would help me come out in the black?…

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I can’t get along with people at work. I have changed jobs 6 times because of this. Now I’m jobless, and I’m more depressed. I’ve been married for 5 years. We have no children. Although my hubby is supportive he can’t relate to what I’m going through because he’s been with a bank for 15 years. We’ve just returned fm Penang and in May,…

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Is there a persuasion technique that can help me get what I want when I negotiate my promotion? My boss often makes me feel like I’m asking too much.

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It’s important that my children don’t experience another breakup. My boyfriend is extremely jealous to the point of severe verbal abuse and at times the threat and fear of physical violence…

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Do you think the Occupy movement will work to reign in governments and huge corporations on Wall Street? Authorities have laughed at them, saying these people protest without really knowing what they want. Can people power influence the tightening up of regulatory laws that protect people’s rights?…

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How do I stop loving someone who makes himself unavailable and refuses to reciprocate my caring? We dated 3 years and suddenly…

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