Self Awareness

The Key to Your Optimal Life

People who are most self-aware are the ones most likely to possess true freedom to live their best lives. They understand their essential nature (what they are most passionate about) and work hard to enhance and optimize their unique gifts and talents so they can more creatively manifest their true intention and purpose (whatever that may be) of being in this universe. It may seem surprising that these self-led people are always endowed with good things that come to them easily and effortlessly.

When we make meaning of our existence is when our inspiration flows naturally. Our ‘being’ and ‘doing’ has a why. Our creative juices flow, we bring exceptionally high energy to our tasks, we are content, tolerant, happy and loving. If we disregard this inspiration, or when we can’t make meaning of our life’s experience, we are likely to feel uneasy or dissatisfied. Some of us may even feel we need to “wear a mask” or work at being someone we are not.

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