Self – Esteem

The Very Foundation of a Quality Life

A positive self – esteem is crucial to a fulfilling life… this means a feeling of personal competence and a feeling of personal worth. The higher our self – esteem, the more we creative we are, so the better we create solutions to deal with our problems. We tend to be more ambitious in all we hope to experience in life – emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Self – esteem is whatever I think and feel about myself, not what someone else thinks and feels about me. The consequence of self – esteem is the ability to use our mind.

  • Being Self – Aware
  • Being Clear about our needs, wants and desires
  • Respecting Reality, Living in the Moment – not living in fantasy or in the Past
  • Being Honest, Respecting the Truth
  • Being Independent
  • Being Progressive and Self – Driven
  • Being Entrepreneurial, having courage to take calculated risks
  • Being Reasonable

Our ability to think is therefore the basic source of our competence. How we think governs our emotions, perceptions, identity, motivation and destiny. What we think determines what we feel, what we experience, how we behave and how we make decisions to cope with the challenges in life. That is why the attitudes we carry around with us are such important and powerful agents of our success.

At World Center of Personal Excellence, we identify processes by where we can exercise more control over our thinking, valuing, behaving; to take charge of ourselves, to develop our ego-strength, access and build upon empowering and resourceful frames of mind such as courage, confidence and self esteem, to add more grace and elegance to our personal style.

World Center of Personal Excellence is for Personal Transformation

  • Strategic Talent Management – Unleashing People Potential
  • Developing Self-Esteem & Self-Leadership
  • Bringing recognition to the role of Women in Social & Economic Development
  • Developing our Thinking Capacity as the basis for Self Actualization

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