The truth about love

The good news:
Self – actualization is programmed within our spirit; there isn’t a sliver of a doubt! Just like an acorn cannot help but grow into an oak tree, just like a fertilized egg will produce a baby, just as a bud will blossom into a flower, we came into this world with the blueprint for happiness.

The not – so – good news:
Somewhere along our upbringing and cultural conditioning, our natural intelligence got distorted, eroded, and contaminated by unconscious, unschooled hand – me – down beliefs and other prejudices. To cope with life’s challenges, we developed filters and other protective mechanisms.

“Can I? What if I fail? What will others say?” To avoid upheavals, we learned to color within the lines. We learned to shut up, stay small, and tow the line. Our creativity, vigor, and valor diminished.

Our otherwise pristine mind, heart, and soul originally meant for connection, compassion, and collaboration… by now have reached an altered state. Swish! Enter fear – in place of flow, possibility, and co – creation.

You and I know fear, don’t we? When fear talks, it wants to control. Fear is about need and compensation. Fear is a wheeler – dealer. It wants to win at all costs. Fear thinks scarcity. “I’m not enough. You must complete me. I need you to give me what I don’t have.”

Visualize any relationship with that kind of strategy and you know why so many feel trapped. Notice how fear rules romantic relationships. Pay attention to when people say, “I need you.” Usually what I hear is, “I need you (to give me_________, or else!”)

By comparison, when you engage in a relationship built on love (self – acceptance and non – judgment), so much space is freed up for empathy and compassion. “I need you,” isn’t about co – dependence anymore, it’s about intimacy and vulnerability. It’s about passion and letting go, surrendering to the moment, not controlling it.

When relationships are founded upon love, we’re demonstrating our capability to live from our values, commitments, potential, and highest intentions. That’s how we live inspired (in – spirit). Here people feel free and uplifted, not stuck. Look in your own lives and know that what I’m saying is true.

Gandhi said, “The problem with the world is that humanity is out of its mind.” I agree. Happiness is a by – product of being free. That includes finding your voice and expressing your truth. Therefore, isn’t it illogical to think we can be happy by pretending things are okay when they’re not? Many people make believe so much their world becomes a fantasy! Nightmares begin when reality catches up.

How completely silly to build a relationship, leave alone a community around wanting to control, limit, or fool people! Sometimes we see how governments jump into action to save one life: a prisoner – of – war, victim of abduction, etc. when their policies destroy so many lives.

Our spirit suffers when we avoid or deny. We suffer when we tolerate, settle, or give up. And you know the moment someone judges or doubts you, they lose their influence over you.

Neither are you in your power when self – doubt and self – judgment set in. Indecision, procrastination, uncertainty, being vague and superficial… When what you say doesn’t match what you do, you lose power.

When do you feel most worthy? If you’re looking back to a time when you had more money, more titles, more authority, or more popularity, you’re bleeding energy!

Marianne Williamson said, “Love restores reason in an otherwise unreasonable world.” I believe you and I can “hold the space” for the brilliance of others. We hold the space when we believe, “I’m here only to express care. I’ve come to listen. I’m here to understand, accept, and appreciate.”

This is how you and I can restore power to the people. This is how we can bring dignity back. We enable others through mutual respect and trust that each one is brilliant for their purpose in this life. In this space, we build response potential, allowing connection and collaboration. In this space we generate many possibilities. Transformation is the ultimate result, and that’s what we want, isn’t it?

Can you tell that fear is body – oriented, while love is… spirit – oriented?” Fear can only see what’s on the outside while love reaches deep within. When love speaks, we sense passion, compassion, inspiration, imagination, wisdom, and trust.

With love, everything becomes self – organizing and self – correcting. Here’s our opportunity to be the change we want to see in the world.


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