Basis & Context Trends


“Foresight 2020″ an economic, industry and global trends journal, lists the following trends:

Annual average GDP growth in Asia = 4.9%.
Developing nations will see 315.5million new jobs from 2005–2020 (67% of the world net increase).

5 key trends that will change the world:

  1. Globalization = The world will see a redistribution of economic power
  2. Demographics = There will be population shifts; the world will have a more female workforce. The world will have an aging workforce
  3. Atomization = Industry and Enterprise will experience the fragmentation of processes, supply chains etc, causing collaboration to be more important, and boundaries between functions, organizations become indistinct
  4. Personalization = We will have further customization due to knowledge management, the by product of improved productivity through technology, training and organizational changes
  5. Innovation and Customer Service = International Business will be swept away by new thought leaders. where insight and relationship matter more than rules and processes


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