What if I’m scared to change? What if I want change but I don’t know how I’d cope… you know, I’m sick of being a teacher but I don’t know how to do anything else. Do I have to accept change (struggle at it) knowing that discomfort and upheavals are inevitable?”

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We all want change but nobody wants to change, not really. We’re all too comfortable where we are and unless the pain gets so bad that it forces us to buck, we’ll sit pretty thank you very much. Or unless our desire for something great is so appealing that it compels us to go for it, we’re pretty much glued to our seats, aren’t we?

Here’s the thing. We’re changing whether we like it or not. Our cells renew, our muscles atrophy, contract, or expand, we get shoved into different situations with or without our approval – new colleague at work, death of a family member, loss of income to inflation, you name it. The thing I’m interested in is why your “frame” about change is negative?

I get it – it’s fear of the unknown – we all feel it sometime or other. When we have positive frames around the future, it tends to soften the landscape a little. We could perceive change as newness, freshness, improvement, or growth… instead of struggle, upheaval, and discomfort! We could look upon what’s to come with curiosity, wonder, appreciation, acceptance… try them on for size. When push comes to shove, and there’s a choice to feel high or low, why not get happy?


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