My son has a defeatist attitude – he gives up at the smallest obstacle. The amount of creativity he has in coming up with excuses “why not” will blow your mind. He’s so talented; pity it goes to waste on describing what he can’t do rather than what he can.”

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If he continues this way, your son will get more of what he’s focused on – disappointment and failure. We usually get what we spend our energy on, we attract what we are, so to live your best life, be what you want more of and think positive thoughts. How to start? Act “as if” what you want is already within reach. As “as if” you already have what it takes to go forward. Then decide the best way to go for it.

Attacking our challenges at full speed helps us maintain our self-esteem and self-respect. The very activity of doing something that takes us closer to our goals causes us to be more self-confident, never mind how successful we are at first. Hanging back and failing to launch produces the exact opposite result – it fuels doubts in our mind as to what our capabilities are in terms of creating positive outcomes and solutions.

Are you getting me? I’m saying start. Start something. Start anything. Just get up and get going. What’s the worse that could happen? Somebody says, “No?” Then you stand up and say, “Next!” That’s right. The attitude is, “Nobody is going to stand in the way of my dream.”


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