I’ve lost hope. I lost money getting involved in business with a friend who cheated me and now the creditors are taking me to court. I owe loan sharks RM 200 000 plus I have study loans I haven’t repaid. My parents are stressed because of me. My life is finished.”

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I know about loss and hopelessness and fear… believe me I do. I can also testify that everything in this life is temporary and that this time in your life will pass… just like everything else has. Now what remains for you to do is to be clear-headed and strong and sensible. The light at the end of the tunnel will appear – the universe is so precise, it never gives us more than we can handle.

Believe you have what it takes to see this through because you do. You can go past this more quickly by acting in ways that will best solve your problem, not worsen it. Get a job. Get an income. Get together with friends who will help and support. Naturally people help those whom they think deserve help so show them it will be worth their while to step up for you. Your parents must be worried sick about you so it would be really good if you talked with them as much as possible.

It’s really important that you learn to speak to yourself positively from now on. Banish all negative thoughts. Summon your courage, determination, and compassion. Say, “I will do well. My life will improve from now on. I know whatever I need will show up and things will get better… and as I give myself a chance to heal, I will take one day at a time.”


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